2016 Shape-UP: T2 Week 4


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2016 Shape-Up ♥ Term 2 ♥  Week 4

Three exercises as follows:

Each body weight exercise is done for 1 minute, the circuit is repeated 3 times.
Total exercise time is 9 minutes.


Click  TIMER  to download the 1 minute timer.


1. Stationary Tyre Runs and Jump back


run and jumpback



  • Begin standing with your feet more than shoulder-width apart.
  • Run wide legged on the spot for a count of 6.
  • Squat down, and place your hands on the ground just inside your feet.
  • Jump back into a wide stance plank position and jump your feet back up to the outside your hands.
  • Stand and begin the runs again.
  • Continue for the minute.


2. Reverse lunge with a bicep curl and press.


lunge back curl and press


  • Start holding a pair of dumbbells at your shoulders.
  • Step your right foot back, and bend both knees to lower into a lunge.
  • Once stable , keep your elbows close to your body, curl the weights down and then back up to the shoulders.
  • Then press through your left heel and return to standing. Press the weights Up.
  • Repeat on the other side and continue alternating for the minute.



3. Leg Climb abdominal crunch.


Leg climb abdominal crunch


  • Begin by lying on your back
  • Raise the right leg towards the ceiling. Get legs as straight as possible (it’s ok if you can’t).
  • Contract your abdominals prior to initiating movement. Reach up to your legs and grasp your thigh in a sequence to mimic “climbing” your leg.
  • Continue this until you can touch your foot.
  • “Climb” back down your leg in the same way you went up.
  • Keep your abdominals contracted throughout the motion. Don’t let your trunk simply fall back down.
  • Repeat on same leg say 6 times then switch legs and perform the same number of repetitions for the minute.


Enjoy your exercising!