Jump and Shuffle Back • Start in a squat with arms low and slightly behind you, and take a large jump forward landing softly into a deep squat. Or take a large soft step forward. • Shuffle backward, taking five to eight small steps until you are back where you started. Sliding Lateral lunges You will need a slider for this exercise if you don’t have on use a paper or pastic plate on a carpet or a soft cloth on hard flooring. • Stand with your feet a few hip width apart, with your right foot on the plastic plate. • Put weight into your left leg, and as you slowly push your back side back bend your left knee and squat down, slide your right foot out to the side. • Then as you slowly straighten your leg, slide the right foot back in. Most of your weight remains in the leg that's not moving. • Complete 10 reps with each leg for the minute. Boxing sit ups • Lie with knees bent, feet on floor, fists up. • Engage core and round up slowly keeping the chest board and open; at the top, jab right arm out, retract, jab left. Roll back down. • Repeat on other side • Continue altenating side for the minute