Anna 9 squareSBHello and welcome to my Shape-Up Community!


We are here to help each other learn, laugh and love by eating and living life well with fitness. How can I help you?

My name is Anna and I am a qualified nutrition coach who believes in putting science and common sense back into healthy eating.

I have over 8 years of Nutrition Industry experience and a life time of experience in living the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

I can help you implement and maintain a healthy eating plan that works with your lifestyle.  I take time to get to know what you enjoy eating and find ways to make healthy work for you.

I am also a qualified and registered personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

I have over 5 years experience in building functional fitness programs that help prevent injury and promote an active and adventurous life at any age. I can help you make consistent exercising an enjoyable and achievable part of your day


Will my programs be right for you?


I am driven to help people live an active life full of adventure and wonder. I enjoy eating well and want to share the joyous taste of wholefoods and bring a sense of wellbeing to the table.

I work best with people who despite the odds can find ways to live and enjoy their life in the best health they can.

My program will suit those who:


  • Have tried every fad and restrictive health and fitness program and failed, but are now ready to find the right solution one step at a time.
  • Are determined to be consistent and committed in the short term so that permanent long term health and fitness becomes a reality.
  • Want to enjoy freedom of movement pain free and have a discerning taste in food, that is – love to eat!!
  • Appreciate that life is too short and value a sense of humour.
  • Are ready to live life well with fitness and good health!


I am grateful for the trust given to me by my clients to help them with their health and wellbeing. I therefore listen carefully and hear their concerns to create the programs that will work for each individual.

I always endeavour to deliver beyond expectations improvements in health and wellbeing because often the answer to better health lies in giving the self permission to shine.

I am not the hero in my business – the heroes are all those who dare to try and in trying; win back their fitness and sense of humor and that is the essence of wellbeing.

If you are ready for a laugh and finally become the hero of your health and fitness story  – I can help you.


My program is not for everyone


It’s important to understand I can’t promise your success. In my experience my program is not suitable for those who:

  • Want quick results
  • Need motivation
  • Are too sensitive for the truth
  • Need to be held accountable for their diet and exercise program
  • Focus only on a number on the scale
  • Make excuses or need the perfect conditions to make changes
  • Are currently too busy to find time for exercise and nutrition planning


If you identifying with the list above do not despair, there are many in the health and fitness industry that will help you.

I can only help those who are willing and able to help themselves. My time is limited and I am here to serve as many people as I can to discover their full potential.  My clients enjoy having a laugh while working towards their fitness and good health.


If you are ready to learn how to help your self

Contact me for a consultation

or just call me I am a real person!

M: 0402 966 801


PS. I am in Sydney Australia and for overseas clients I organize a call back on Skype