Fitness WELLth – For Mothers Working From Home

The online fitness program specially designed for you.

If you’re like me, being a mum has been a bigger challenge than you thought it would be! Life gets hectic and trying to fit everything into our day can seem impossible at times.

Don’t get me wrong; raising kids is very rewarding and definitely one of the most important jobs we will take on in life.

But lets face it; running a household is difficult! The everyday stresses of family life does impact our health and fitness.

Before we know it our well-being has slipped down that list of priorities.

I know because I was where you are.

Fitness doesn’t have to be another chore on your to-do-list.

Anna Greco personal trainerHi, I’m Anna and I’m the founder of Square Box Fitness and Nutrition. I’m a Personal Trainer and qualified Nutrition Coach specialising in strength and conditioning. 

I believe in putting the science back into fitness and nutrition with simple soulutions that work with you and for you.

A little background on me. Some years ago I left a rewarding high paying corporate job to find life/work balance while raising my young family. I wanted to be there for my children and enjoy all those important milestones.

But taking care of my family took its toll on my own health and fitness.

Fast forward a few years, the kids are now both at school. And in pursuit of the life/work balance I craved, I decided to start my own business. I became a registered personal trainer and certified nutritional coach. Along with being a mum, it is now my new passion.

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, the financial pressures and everyday stress of family life while creating a business has been challenging. Even though I still have times I struggle with life/work balance, I’m proud of the life and business I’ve created, raising a family and helping so many people transform their lives though exercise and good nutrition.

It all became possible because I choose to include a small amount of physical exercise in my life.

For more than 8 years I’ve trained hundreds of people and helped them regain their fitness, strength and confidence though exercise…and I’ve never looked back!

This is where I challenge you …

It’s called the Fitness WELLth Program….and it takes just 9 minutes a day!

What I’ve discovered is you don’t need to slog it out for hours to get results. Research has shown that short bursts of intense workouts can offer far greater results compared to slow and steady conventional workouts. 

I developed this simple and easy to follow fitness program for myself, my clients and other mums who can’t always get to classes…

and now I’m sharing it with YOU!

Fitness WELLth is Square Box Fitness’ online exercise program that works with you – effectively, in the quickest amount of time. These exercises are a complete workout based on the latest fitness research and they only take 9 minutes to do!

If you can find 9 minutes in your busy day –  I will help you get your fitness back on track and checked off your to-do list easily!

Here’s a quick overview:Sample of weekly workouts

  • You schedule your 9 minute workout – 5 days a week.
  • Each week you will receive your 3 exercises along with your one minute online timer.
  • Do the 3 exercises, and repeat 3 times in a circuit format.
  • 9 minute Workout DONE!

This system works and here’s why.

Online Fitness Term 1 week 1The 3 exercises are not chosen at random, they are thoughtfully selected with a focus on Cardiovascular Conditioning, Core Strength and Muscle Tone. Each exercise targets one of these elements of fitness so you will be getting a complete workout each time… AND THEY WORK!

Yes 9 minutes a day can have enormous benefits and here are just a few:

  • Boosted productivity because you have more energy
  • Improves creative thinking and helps with focus
  • Alleviates back pain from sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time
  • Encourages weight loss because you are moving more
  • Reduces stress so you get more out of life
  • Improves fitness so you can keep up with your kids

…and many more

Here’s how it works.

The Square Box Fitness WELLth program runs in 10 week cycles and is designed to fit in with the school year perfectly. I know you don’t have much time during school holidays, so you also get a break…yippee! We want you to come back to the program each term feeling excited and ready to go again.

As an experienced Strength and Conditioning coach the Fitness WELLth workouts are designed using the scientific principles of athletic training and the fitness benefits are many, including:

  • Improved balance
  • Increased Agility
  • Cardio fitness
  • Core strength
  • Muscle strength and tone

But don’t panic they have been thoughtfully created for all fitness levels…even beginners! As you get stronger and gain experience advanced modification are also provided for those wanting more of a challenge.

Each week’s workout comes as a printable download with video instruction and an online timer or you can use a one minute tabata timer app on your phone.

If you would like to experience how Square Box Fitness WELLth can improve your life, I invite you to invest the time in your health and try our mini 4 week program  – completely FREE! 

YES I want my fitness back

If you would like to experience how Square Box Fitness WELLth can improve your life, I invite you to invest the time in your health with our mini 4 week program  – completely FREE! 

You will receive 4 weeks worth of programs, along with valuable tips over the next 4 days.

What to expect:

  • Day 1/week 1 Email: How to find time to schedule your workout and stick to it. + download  9 minute program
  • Day 2/week 2  Email: How to get the most out of your 9 minute workout. PLUS download  your 9 minute program
  • Day 3/Week 3 Email: How to deal with feeling overwhelmed by exercise. PLUS download your 9 minute program
  • Day 4 / week 4 Email: What happens when exercising becomes habit. PLUS download  9 minute program

Start your path to Fitness Wellth today!