How It Works
Get Ready For Your 2020 Breakthrough

The 2020 breakthrough Fitness Challenge is designed to help you kick start your year of fitness and health!

Your fitness challenge for January 2020 is a daily 9 Minute Workout:
3 exercises |1 minute each | Circuit x3| Monday – Friday |4 Weeks

The following 6 steps will set you up for SUCCESS!!


Step 1

Install a free Tabata timer on your phone and set it for 10 second start, 60 second work,  10 second rest, 9 intervals, or use our 9 Minute workout timer. 

Step 2

Download, PRINT and attach the 4 week exercise tracker somewhere visible to remind you of your resolution to GET FIT IN 2020! Tracking your progress is a powerful motivator!

Step 3

Schedule your daily 9 minute morning workout in your diary and set a daily notification for 10 minutes prior to your scheduled workout time.

Step 4

First day of the month download your workout, read through the exercise instructions, watch the demo videos and then PRINT, to ensure you are ready to workout  – NO EXCUSES!  

Step 5

Exercise on 5 consecutive days as planned. Each of the 3 exercises is done for 1 minute in a circuit format, repeat 3 times for a 9 minute workout. You can do it!

Step 6

Tick your tracker after you have completed your workout it will serve to motivate you over the 4 weeks. The feel good of morning exercise lasts all day – ENJOY your workouts!