At Home Workout 206

At Home Workout 206

Three exercises as follows:

Each body weight exercise is done for 1 minute, the circuit is repeated 3 times.
Total exercise time is 9 minutes.


Click  TIMER  to download the 1 minute timer.



  1. Alternating reverse lunges

reverse lunges

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips, chest up, and shoulders back(a)
  • Keeping your upper body still and core tight, take a large step back with your right foot,
  • bend both knees to lower into a lunge(b)
  • Press through your left heel to return to standing.
  • Repeat, stepping back with your left foot. That’s one rep.
  • Continue alternating for the minute.



  1. Half Jackhalf jack

    • Stand with feet together and place your hands down in front of you.
    • Start by bringing the right hand up overhead and left leg out to side.
    • Return to start position.
    • Repeat with left hand and right foot.
    • Alternating sides for the minute.



  2.    Good Morning     

  good morning


  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and place your hands at the back of your head with your elbows opened wide.
  • Pull your abdominal muscles to your spine and keep your back neutral while pressing your backside backward, hinging at the hips, until your back is almost parallel to floor. Keep a slight bend in your knees as you bend forward. Feel your weight in your heels and whole foot.
  • Return to standing, while squeezing your backside muscles until you are upright. This completes one rep.
  • Continue for the minute.


Enjoy your workout!