Common Sense Meal Planning


Step 1: Don’t think; Just do it! Meal preparation from natural wholefood prior to the onset of the working week will ensure we eat well and enjoy life! WHY?

Simply, we don’t think rationally when we are  time deprived and we are vulnerable to giving up our health and giving in to commercially packaged, chemically manufactured ready meals.

Step 2: Do it until it feels good; Meal planning is a habit much like personal hygiene, established through repetitive action, it will feel better to meal plan, bringing a sense of order and calm to your mealtimes!

Step 3: Just start! Pick a 15 minute block to plan each week and formulate your plan. We choose Thursday evening. The benefit of planning on Thursday is that is allows for ad hoc catering for Friday to Sunday which tend to be more casual in terms of commitments. Thursday planning also allows for scheduling the purchase of required groceries for the coming week.

Step 4: Download and print your FREE Meal Planner

Step 5: Discuss meal preferences with the household and choose 4 meals for Monday to Thursday. The remaining week is free! Plan according to household lifestyle.

To help you with your meal choices we have created a meal planner resource guide called  Benchtop Meal Planner for Modern Families. 

A example from our guide  is our family’s favourite and you can download it below and test it this week:

Download Favourites 

Step 6: Display the final weekly meal plan where it is visible to all in the household. This communicates the agreement between each member and makes possible dispute free dining.

Step 7: Prepare, by designating a day for grocery shopping and preparation ahead of the coming week. We chose Saturday morning for shopping and Sunday evening for preparing, however it can be done on the same day.

Preparation is as simple as sorting and storing groceries together in meal groups, ie Monday ingredients together ready for use on the day.  This basic preparation will relieve enormous mental pressure in the decision making process of “what’s for dinner”

Step 8: Enjoy your relaxing and stress free mealtimes, made possible with your commitment to eating well and planing ahead!


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Be prepared to dine today and enjoy!