Meals for Kids

A Square Meal for Kids2


A Square Meal For Kids



Did you know? More than 87% of primary school aged children in NSW do not consume the recommended amount of vegetables? [Government Go for 2&5 initiative]

Are you sick of being told – EAT MORE VEGETABLES!  What do you do? Is there another way?

Sorry……..the only healthy diet for children is to provide them with the opportunity to eat more vegetables  – whether they like it or not.

Remember “like” is not a nutrient and research shows that 61% of children repetitively exposed to vegetables eventually liked them.

The research, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2014), was a randomised controlled trial involving 450 young preschool children. The study showed taste exposure significantly increased the proportion of children willing to try new foods and to continue to eat them.

Exposure to natural, simple, varied food will entice children and adults to expand their repertoire of favourites to include – VEGETABLES.

Our Meal Plans combine traditional and practical food preparation techniques with fresh whole foods and modern technology so that you can create each week, four nutritional family meals for your busy week.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Meal Planning.


Here’s how it works: .


The Structured Dinner week

Monday’s Dinner: White meat: chicken, pork or veal, start the week with a healthy family favorite.

Tuesday’s Dinner: Vegetarian, designed to introduce vegetables as a delicious meal concept and continue the nutrient infusion.

Wednesday’s Dinner: Fish, designed to facilitate the increase of fish intake and encourage fishing for more!

Thursday’s Dinner: Red Meat, eg lamb or beef, designed to balance and harmonise the four day meal plan.


Lets get started!


Step 1: Download and print your FREE Meal Planner

Step 2: Discuss meal preferences with the household and choose 4 meals for Monday to Thursday. The remaining week is free! Plan according to household lifestyle. To help you with your meal choices see our Benchtop Meal Planner for Modern Families. 

Step 3: Display the final weekly meal plan where it is visible to all in the household. This communicates the agreement between each member and makes possible dispute free dining.

Step 4: Prepare, by designating a day for grocery shopping and preparation ahead of the coming week. We chose Saturday morning for shopping and Sunday evening for preparing, however it can be done on the same day.

Preparation is as simple as sorting and storing groceries together in meal groups, ie Monday ingredients together ready for use on the day.  This basic preparation will relieve enormous mental pressure in the decision making process of “What’s for dinner”

Step 5: Enjoy your relaxing and stress free mealtimes, made possible with your commitment to eating well and planing ahead!



Helping a child develop a good relationship with food can be extraordinarily rewarding for a parent. How to help a child develop this relationship, however, can be a daunting task for busy parents.  Knowing the answer to the question “What’s for dinner” is half the battle won.  Having the week’s dinner prepared is the battle conquered.


Contact us and start a healthy family diet plan.