9 Minute Fitness WELLth

The power of Fitness WELLth is in its simplicity. We give you 3 strategically chosen exercises each week and ask you to workout Monday to Friday for 9 minutes. Our simple programs come with step by step exercise instructions and a 9 minute program video for you to follow. Exercising using our 9 Minute Fitness WELLth program is easy and designed to improve the key elements of your fitness, that is; Cardio Endurance, Muscle Tone and Core Strength. Consistency and repetition is the key to Fitness WELLth, and it works because you can enjoy exercising daily, any time, any where! 

Results In 4 Weeks

Here is what 9 minutes of daily exercise can do for you in just 4 weeks:

  • Improve Cardio Endurance. Climb stairs or walk up hills without becoming out of breath.
  • Increase Muscle Tone. Strong muscles means opening jars or getting up from a chair will be easier.
  • Build Core Strength: Relieve back pain and help maintain good posture.
  • Healthy Weight Loss: Improve food digestion and bowel movement. Feel less bloated and exhausted.
  • Facilitates Quality Sleep: Wake up feeling fresh, energized, happy and grateful for your Fitness WELLth!

How Does It Work?

Fitness WELLth programs are focused on improving 5 crucial areas of whole body fitness: Balance, Agility, Core Strength, Muscle Tone and Cardio Fitness.

Each week we give you a new 9 minute Fitness WELLth program and ask you to follow these simple steps:

  • Download your program: Read the exercise instructions for each of the 3 exercises, noting the modifications or progressions.
  • Press/click the orange bar: Located at the bottom of the downloaded exercise guide PDF to play the 9 minute exercise video
  • Watch the video for each exercise: Note how to do the exercises, the modifications or progressions are demonstrated after 10-15 seconds.
  • Exercise Monday to Friday: Play the 9 minute Fitness WELLth exercise video as your exercise guide and timer each day.

I will be delighted to help you move closer towards your fitness success so please email me  anna@squareboxfitness.com  with any questions you many have about our 9 Minute exercise program.

Life Changing Exercise in 9 Minutes

Willpower is not responsible for success or failure in achieving your desired levels of fitness. Finding your time or motivation is not a pivotal factor in building a healthy body for life.  Creating daily exercise habits with the help of your friends in fitness is what our professional athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts have in common. Therefore, it’s time to put aside all your excuses; be realistic, you are capable of 9 minutes of daily exercise. Let’s get started TODAY!