Mind full

Garcilaso de la Vega was Renaissance Spanish poet and wrote:  “Be mindful even when your mind is full” 

When we look back on our day with a full “to do list” mind, do we remember what we have done or is it a blur of activity?

What we pay attention to grows and our attention is often hijacked by our intention and belief.

Our senses can find it difficult to command our attention, and the sight of green grass, the sound of a bird chirping, the taste of wholefood, a soft touch or the smell of flowers in bloom maybe too subtle to be experienced without our intention.

What is it that you are experiencing right now?

Harmony of intention and belief is simply living in the now or being mindful of our body and mind in the present.

Being present is very difficult to be, particularly when our body is not challenged with the stress for a change.

Living on the “auto-pilot” of the everyday crisis is not the same as being challenged for a change. In fact, it is a form of destructive mediation,  an unconscious mind numbing chant: I am too busy, I am too busy, I am too busy…….

How often have we resolved to get fit, lose weight, eat better only to have our resolution swallowed in a vortex of busyness?

Dan Mager writes for the publication Psychology Today; he defines mindful:  “as a state of present centred awareness that awakens the individual from the sleep of habitual responses.”

Thinking of exercise as a form of an awakening of the senses, changes how we exercise from just going through the motions of exercise, to something more profound like changing a movement pattern that will see our strength and condition improve with time and repetition.

When Neo was unplugged from the matrix he discovered his dark reality. Our reality is not dark, however, ignoring the health of our body and mind for a busy life may shadow our future.

This week take 5 minutes to indulge each of your senses naturally:

  • See the blue of the sky and the green of the grass.
  • Listen for the birds.
  • Smell the flowers.
  • Touch their soft petals.
  • Taste the freshness of wholefoods.

Exercising and eating well in the present, have a ripple effect on our life and the lives of those we love.


Eat well and live well