Learn to cook in your own kitchen

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Over our 10 weeks, 2hrs in the kitchen you will learn how to plan and cook 20 simple staple healthy meals that you can add to your repertoire and enjoy for ever!

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Cooking is terrifying when you don’t know how. But learning a fool proof system from an experienced and certified health coach is the best way to transform your skills into a culinary delight!

Over 10 weeks in your kitchen, you will learn how to cook simple staple healthy meals that you can add to your repertoire and enjoy for ever!

Your expected outcomes over 10 weeks of personal cooking lessons are:

  1. Understand your nutritional requirements and food habits and how it applies to how your cooking.
  2. Learn how to set up your kitchen to ensure your cooking success, eg. must have pots, utensils etc
  3. Learn how to shop for healthy food quickly and easily
  4. Understand the basics of human nutrition and how it applies your meal preparation
  5. Understand food safety and why its important
  6. Learn how to meal plan for better health and nutrition
  7. Learn to cook from wholefoods; its healthier and cheaper!
  8. Mastering basic cooking techniques and learn tricks and tips to help you cook like a chief in your  kitchen
  9. Cook and learn how to stack your freezer with homemade ready meals!
  10. Learn how to cook for crowds without fear and anxiety!

Let’s Cook Together!

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