“Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.”
David Bowie

What we hold to be true about life will be challenged in many ways over the years. Through living, we gain knowledge and experience that help us to grow and shape our perspective and beliefs.

Balancing Mental and Physical Development

During our childhood, we learn through instruction and physical repetition with little understanding of the consequences of our action or inaction. It is not to until our 30s that most of us have a reasonable functioning prefrontal cortex (PFC).  The PFC is responsible for complex cognitive behaviour, forming the basis of our personality, decision making and belief systems.

Also in our 30’s our body starts to switch from a growth phase and moves towards degeneration, unless the opportunity for regeneration presents itself.  Mother Nature provides the perfect balance of mental and physical development to ensure our survival as a species.

Belief and Choice

I believe we all make questionable and impulsive choices in our youth without respect for logic and reason. Thankfully, in youth, the body is resilient to life’s lessons, and the mind moves towards the wisdom of thinking before acting.

Therefore, with thought and action, we have the potential to grow younger than our chronological age. Giving thought for exercise is not natural, and physically uncomfortable, but essential for anti-aging.

Never too OLD for exercise!

The danger becomes when we start to “think” we feel better without exercise, however, regardless of our thoughts our body will continue to degenerate if not exercised. Consequently accepting pain, sadness, and a limiting belief of a self defined  “old age.”

God willing, we will continue to get older, and thankfully can avoid debilitating aging with daily exercise. It’s up to us to challenge the world and set an example of what “old” can do. Harnessing the power of decision is the key. When we make a decision to exercise daily, we have clarity and purpose in life.

Decisions determine our destination, and our health and fitness are the sums of the decisions we made to date. Therefore it is the steps (exercise) we take today that set us in the direction of living our life with WELLth.

Many things in life are hard to do, many more we don’t want to do, particularly when it comes to exercise.  The “reason” exercise feels overwhelming, is a symptom of limiting belief that is not anchored in reality.

You can exercise. You are not too old. Find your way, it’s time to decide…are you ready to get fit and feel better?  Then join our fitness WELLth program  email list.  I will send you your first 9-minute workout so you can start to exercise today!! The link is below for you.

  Live well with fitness!  
Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach @SquareBoxFitness.com