The thrill of the new! When we start something new it is always very exciting, the anticipation, the suspense, and hope for better health and fitness –  it is very motivating!

Slowly, as the term rolls on and the mornings become cold, wet and sorry, we may begin to find a more pleasing use of our time rather pushing forward with our training.  We may start to excuse ourselves from the pain of an early start.

Do you exercise with power or pity?

Our goal is to shape-UP, and that means changing how we view our exercise time. We can feel powerful, or we can feel pity for our self and our need to exercise for health.

Sometimes we can look back on our life and sadly say “when I was young….” and feel defeated that life now is “ho hum – we must exercise to stay healthy.”

Exercise doesn’t have to be something that you “have to do.” Thankfully there has never been a better time than now to exercise because exercise is now empowering. It allows you to do more, be more and help others to do the same.

I have learned through working with you that when we exercise together, there is no time for self-pity, and it is the reason I believe that exercise alleviates feelings of anxiety and depression.

Any exercise is better than none

If you can’t come to class, you can still enjoy the benefits of exercising with us at home. I understand and believe in the power of exercise for well-being, and therefore I will always try my best to provide an online program that you can use at home.

Scientific research continues to support that any exercise is better than none. BUT structured and consistent exercise has proven to produce better results over time. Our program is not glamorous, sexy, trendy or gimmicky. It just works because you take the time to exercise with a focus on functional movement skills.

If you do not like our style, it’s ok, because any structured and disciplined program repeated consistently will get you the fitness results that you want, you just have to do it.

Our goal is to motivate you to exercise, and it doesn’t have to be with us. We are simply providing the exercise routines that have worked for us.

9 Minutes to fitness at home

Our online Shape-UP program is simple;  it consists of 3 exercises repeated 3 times for a minute each for a 9-minute workout.

I incorporate a cardio exercise, a strength exercise and core stability exercise so that you will have a robust workout that will improve your fitness. It is an easy way to get your fitness on track when life is too busy to join our classes.

Go to our online exercises and enjoy a workout at home!

Live well with fitness.