Celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) is about choosing to challenge injustice and inequity against women in our own lives.

We cannot change the past, but by understanding it, we can learn from it.  By taking immediate action, we can start to mould the future and change the potential outcome of the events that the past set in motion.

Today, I ask you to lend your voice to the women who built the Artarmon Bowling clubhouse and write them into Australia’s history.

Married and Invisible 

Women in the 1940s to 1960s were invisible on marriage, taking their husband’s legal entity. Consequently, their life’s achievements were not fully written in history. It is not justice to assume extraordinary women in the 1950s did not exist because they were not legally able to act on their own behalf.

Extraordinary Legacy

The women of the Artarmon clubhouse leave behind an extraordinary legacy. They were women with a formidable force to drive equality in both sport and social standing.  Artarmon women were instrumental in building the Artarmon Bowling Clubhouse – not for women but for women and men equally.

  • In 1946, the Artarmon bowling club was formed by 97 men, none of whom were bowlers – however, their wives were. These women could not legally start a bowling club independently.
  • In 1957, the clubhouse building was completed, the first of its kind to be built to facilitate  women and men bowling club under the same roof.

The clubhouse’s history clearly acknowledges the women’s efforts in the design, layout and detail of the building. In club’s official reports from inception, women were included as equal to their male bowlers.

Choose to Challenge History

On the 14 December 2020 Willoughby City Council, resolved to heritage list the Artarmon Bowling Club. However until it is officially gazetted, the resolution offers little protection against a Development Application (DA).

On the 20 January 2020 Willoughby Council’s Office lodged DA – 2022/5 For the Artarmon Pavilion and includes:

  • Full demolition of 100m² of the clubhouse, including the Historic 1960’s Bar and Women’s Historic 1960’s Jubilee Lounge.
  • Partial Demolition, reconfiguring and modern refitting of the Historic 1950’s Kitchen, Historic Women’s 1950’s Change Room, Historic Women’s 1950’s Bath Room, and Historic 1950’s Main Hall.

Estimated Cost:

  • Over $2Million for demolition and construction of a pavilion.
  • $1.4Million for refurbishment of the Historic 1950’s Clubhouse.


Write to Reject DA 2021/5 

We have until the 16 March 2021 to reject DA 2021/5 for the pavilion and make submissions for the restoration of the 1957 Historic building that recognizes the achievement of these extraordinary women.

It’s your chance to leave your mark on the world, and save our history as a legacy for future generations.

The submission process only takes about 5 minutes. Access to the submission is a bit tricky, please persevere for the sake of women who have made possible the freedoms we enjoy today.


Click on the link below and a disclaimer page will come up, tick the read-it box, then “Agree”


To make a submission click on the link called:  “Contact us about this application.”  This will open the submission page. Complete the necessary details and make your submission.

Alternately write to The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Willoughby City Council:  email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au

On the subject line write: “Reject DA 2021/5 for 1A Burra Road ARTARMON NSW 2064

Then state your concerns, remembering always, equality is respecting our differences, honoring our past and moving forward with love and friendship.

Thank you for your support in recognizing women in history.   

Written by Anna: @SquareBoxFitness.com