In today’s society and its focus on immediate, transitory, two-dimensional social media beauty; the appeal of cosmetic procedures has gained popularity.

So much so, that cosmetic procedures for on-screen beauty is considered normal, and its pursuit is driving an industry without morality.

My blog this week has been co-written with my husband, who was horrified by the 4 Corners report on unscrupulous cosmetic procedures.

The program aired last Monday 13 August 2018, called “Beauty’s New Normal”  and is available on ABC iView. A word of caution, the program shows graphic images and heartless practices by some so-called medical practitioners.

The program showed that trustworthy doctors and cosmetic surgeons are being sidelined for factory like cosmetic procedures, at “bargain” base prices that promise beauty and come with considerable risk.

Lost, is Mother Nature assurance of a body that will respond to the self care of healthy wholefoods and exercise.

Blind for beauty

Cosmetic procedures, were once solely in the capable hands of qualified surgeons, who strive for the care and enhancement of the human body and the quality of life of their patients.

It is disturbing that cosmetic procedures are now commonplace in the beauty industry and the risks have been silenced. For example: Dermal Fillers have been advertised as a non-evasive, low risk cosmetic procedure.

People are convinced that it’s ok for a non-medically trained nurse in a cosmetic clinic to administer a schedule 4 poison that should only be administered by doctors.

Doctors are trained to be aware of the risks of “getting it wrong,”  4 Corners explained; a miscalculated dermal injection by an unqualified nurse left a woman permanently blind in April of this year.

Further, last August (2017) a 35-year-old woman lost her life after a dermal filler was injected into her breast incorrectly by an inexperience unqualified nurse.

Inner health radiates beauty money can’t buy

Exercise, may not have the immediate impact of a cosmetic procedure; however it does not carry with it life-threatening risks.

Studies and research continually advocate the health benefit of exercise, unfortunately this information is not reaching the world of social media beauty.

A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is desirable for instant show, because the risks are not being disclosed.

Life changing transformation is not about the before and after selfie,  it is a journey of self-discovery, embracing natural foods and exercise to live a full life well.

Achievement of meaningful transformation provides great personal satisfaction and ultimately facilitates permanent lifestyle changes without unnecessary risk.

A strong, healthy body radiates a personal beauty that is unique; coupled with the ability to enjoy and experience life with those dear to us.

The secret to youth and beauty is not a secret – it is exercise…

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Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer