I am feeling rebellious today after having read article after article on the “perfect” workout and none appeal to me….

I consider myself a free spirit and the “Fitness Rules” are doing my head in! Therefore, this week, I look at ways you can break some rules and find your way to fitness.

Let’s delve into fitness anarchy!

Remember that New Year’s resolution? ….Ah….Hmm…..where did the motivation go? ……Let’s see how we can get it back!

  • Make a new fitness resolution weekly:  Resolutions are great, but they don’t last …..you’re on a high then crash with disappointment.

    I think a new resolution is like a rerun of your favorite movie. You know the end, and you still watch it because somehow it gets better!

    Why not then make a new fitness resolution every week? Keep it as long as you can – then make another!

    Feeling optimistic about fitness is essential for long-term success – so keep resolving to get fit and feel better!

  • Set unrealistic goals: How many times do we need to set a realistic goal before we realize it was unrealistic?

    Why not try setting super unrealistic goals instead. Here’s one: Lose 5kg next week… Now think of how wonderful it would be if it were that easy – savor the thought – feel good? Right!

    If you are going to set a goal that you know you won’t achieve then set a big one and make it entertaining!

    Having a sense of humor with your fitness is paramount, even though the goal is ridiculous in the short term, over time it’s possible.

    Ridiculously unrealistic goals plant the seeds of possibility. …and the creative mind finds a way to achieve it….say the mad scientists.

  • Just give up and accept that exercise is not for you: Seriously – what’s the point of trying to get fit if it’s not working?

    If you are stopping and starting your gym class or exercise program – face it – it’s not getting you anywhere other than a one-way ticket to stressville.

    Enjoy what mobility you have, while you have it. Life is way too short.…but… what if you are destined for a long life?

Hmmm…let’s explore this a little further.

Getting a clearer picture of your long-term future

Here’s the thing, after 30 years old you begin to lose muscle mass at a rate of  3% to 5% per decade. Sarcopenia is the term used for age-related muscle loss, and it is a natural part of living.

However, while muscle loss is associated with aging, it doesn’t have to age you.

A healthy and active 60-year-old can have the muscle mass of a 30-year old, while a sedentary person of 40, may have the muscle quality of a 70-year old…

Without exercise, muscles will follow their natural course – it’s part of a life cycle.  Modern science and medicine can prolong our life but cannot change how our body ages naturally.

Here is what can start to happen to the body over years without exercise:

  • 30-40 years: Weight gain
  • 40-50 years: Joint stress
  • 50-60 years: Depletion of bone density
  • 60-70 years: Compromised balance and coordination
  • 70-80 years: Increase in the severity of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart and lung diseases
  • 80-100 years: Loss of many functional abilities, loss of independence, loss of confidence, increased anxiety


Independence, exercise or lose it

I consider myself extremely fortunate because I work with so many extraordinary women and men who inspire me every day to live life on my terms with a functional body.

Muscles can regenerate at any age with consistent exercise. I believe the ability and will to exercise comes from the curiosity and adventure of living life well, coupled with a fierce sense of independence.

Exercise for me is not something I have to do, and it’s not something I want to do either, exercise for me, is a lifestyle choice.

I choose an active life, lived with strength and vitality.  I choose to exercise to be able to live my way for years and years to come.

Some rules can be broken and others like exercising regularly should be followed religiously without fail.
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Live well with fitness