Setting huge outcomes/goals can be perilous when starting a life-changing fitness program.

Very quickly the gap between the effort required and outcomes desired become apparent, and hopes for fitness dissolve like a snow cone in summer….

Get real and acknowledge your effort!

Weight loss is the number one goal most people have for beginning a fitness program and exercise is a serious turn off.

Exercise for fitness is an uncomfortable truth for a healthy body, and there is no way around it – you need to huff and puff to get fit.

Whatever your reasons to shape up are; you won’t be able to avoid the physical and repetitive movement patterns required to build fitness.

Every human body on this planet will benefit from physical movement that is weight bearing and conditions the heart.

However, not everybody will be willing to put in the effort it takes to get started in a world where physical exertion is not necessary for survival.

Therefore, you can celebrate even your tiniest fitness effort, because it will put you miles ahead of the average person who typically has no time for their physical and mental health.

A focus on effort has the added advantage of being achievable in the moment, meaning the feel-good payoff is immediate and not a distant future hope and dream.

Being thin won’t solve your problems

My advice, that you probably don’t want to hear is; if you are looking to be a thinner version of yourself and you are not exercising, you need to ask – why?

While you are searching for your deep and meaningful why,  let me suggest that maybe the reason you are not exercising is; you secretly believe that exercise will not work for you.

…..and here lies the problem, your body is a human body and exercise will change its shape, strength, and health.

However, what makes you, uniquely you, is your conscience reality, it is how you have learned to survive emotionally in our chaotic world.

If, by some real-life Photoshop magic, I could erase 20 kg from the look of you, you would still be you, inside your body, living the life you live now.

Exercise won’t magically erase body weight, but it does strengthen and tone the muscles and organs of your body and this goes a long way to improving your health and sense of well-being.

Putting effort into daily exercise changes your mind’s perspective on life, giving way to the confidence and energy you have been searching for to live life well with fitness.

There is no substitute for exercise. It is the golden fleece of protection that restores order in your life.

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Live well with fitness!