We have now been exercising together for over 4 years in Artarmon, and almost 2 years at Epping and formed caring friendships.

In our Shape-UP groups, we work hard at extending our self beyond what we would normally do in our daily life, resulting in a definite improvement in our fitness.

For me, by far the most exhilarating part of our exercise program is the cooldown.

With our exercising finished, we have the opportunity to relate our personal stories, which often have little to do with the workout its self!

Stories make us human; they connect us to each other with feelings of belonging and acceptance. Stories give us energy, vitality, and purpose for life.

Many of you with busy and complicated lives cannot always get to Artarmon or Epping for exercise, and our online Shape-Up program continues to keep you fit and in our conversation.

The Shape-Up online program reaches outside Australia, with many fellow Shapers exercising in countries such as England, USA, Canada, India and even Italy!

Technology is magically connecting us to fitness no matter where we are. It lets us reach the most remote of places and help people who feel isolated, connect with our stories and messages of fitness and good nutrition.

The fitness of body and mind is about creating a community of people who enjoy a healthy way of life.

By sharing your fitness with family and friends, you can help them understand the value of fitness and good nutrition in their lives.

If you would like your friends and family to join our community the following is my link to our newsletter sign up page.


Square box fitness Sign Up


With my heartfelt appreciation, I thank you all for your support over the years!

Live well and eat well!