Strengthening muscles of the  back and upper body takes pressure off the lower back, which often takes the burden in lifting.

Working towards building strength in our  Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) is a good place to start.  The Lats they are the largest muscles in the back and are attached to the lower and mid back, top of the hip, they cross shoulder blade and inserting on the upper arm bone.

The Lats are impressive muscles and together with the pectoral (chest) muscles they move the arm at the shoulder; up and down, back and forth, sideways, and rotate the torso.

The Lats are often weakest in women, who tend to compensate using the deltoids ( top of the shoulder muscles) for movement. Unfortunately, often this can lead to shoulder destabilization.

Weak Lats are often the reason a full push-up is so difficult for women – but it is not impossible!

Male and female body mechanics are roughly the same.  Both sexes can run, jump, hop, skip, throw, catch and wash dishes.

The main difference lies in testosterone levels and the circumstances which necessitate the engagement of the muscles.

Men have more testosterone allowing for ease of muscle growth and therefore have traditionally engaged in work that requires more physical strength.

Modern technology has been the critical factor in leveling the playing field for women and creating more opportunity for women to enter male-dominated workplace.

Women do need to work harder to build on their basic muscle capability; equally, men now need to work to maintain their natural muscle capability, as the workplace is no longer as physical.

There is no escape or gender excuse; both men and women must regularly exercise to keep their physical health and quality of life.


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Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer