Fear of judgement. It is one of the biggest hurdles faced by people starting an exercise program. We may have heard the expression “Dance like nobody’s watching,” but have we taken into account its meaning to our fitness WELLth?

Letting go of inhibitions 

Dancing is one of the most freeing forms of self-expression. You could be the worst dancer in the world, and yet, consider your self a dancing success because moving to the music is fun and feels good.

Take, for example, driving along and hearing a song that sparks a particular memory. You start to move your shoulders to the beat. Before you know it, your head is swaying back and forth, and your fingers are tapping on the steering wheel.

Now there’s no stopping you—you have entered full-fledged car dancing mode. And you know what? Did you stop to consider whose watching you? Did you care?

We have all been there!

Everyone feels awkward when beginning an exercise program and feel their two left feet are a severe limitation. The only way to get better is by pushing through this “gauche phase” into the “I can do this phase” and then it’s easy to move to “Love this exercise phase”.

In many cases, the only thing holding us back from improving our fitness is a fear of judgement by others.

Face the fear of exercise

To eliminate the fear of exercise, or at least put it into perspective, we have to regularly expose our self to the doing of exercise in a positive way.

The best way to start is small and gradual. Building up your tolerance until your physiological fear response declines, disappears or is at least manageable.

“They,” say in your twenties you worry what people think. In your thirties, you don’t care what they think, and your forties, you realise they weren’t thinking about you – they were thinking about themselves!

So don’t tiptoe through life trying not to offend anyone with your fitness resolution in 2020 and don’t shy off your workouts for anyone. Claim your WELLth and move freely with health, enjoying the vast opportunities life has for you.

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  Live well with fitness!  
Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach @SquareBoxFitness.com