While our cardio program doesn’t resemble a Jane Fonda funky aerobics class – the leg warmers may not be a bad idea on these cold mornings!

Working out and fashion

Leg warmers are a fashion faux pas these days because workout gear has become very fashionable and trending under the active wear category.

Personally, I like having the freedom to wear what I like. Sometimes I choose to dress up to workout and other times (to the horror of my children) I’m in my tracky dacks!

Our Shape -UP classes are not judgmental, so please dress in what you feel most comfortable to exercise  – even some sleepwear is acceptable – within reason!

An advantage of wearing fashionable active wear is that you can continue your day without the bother of getting changed into something more socially acceptable.

There is also an argument that women who dress in their active wear are more active during their day, even though they don’t work out. Therefore active wear can be well worth the investment!

Fashion and fitness classes

While I don’t have a problem with fashion changes in fitness clothing, I will speak out against following extreme fitness trends that deviate too much from everyday functional fitness.

Our body mechanics haven’t changed for hundreds of generations. Therefore, the impact of extreme fitness cannot be quantified until later in life and then, it may be too late.

Dr. Jordan Metzl, who specializes in sports medicine and surgery in New York, says that the legacy of the aerobics craze is; “damaged backs, knees, hips, and shoulders.”

Jane Fonda herself has had her hip and knee replaced and suffers from osteoarthritis as a direct result of her high impact exercising. She now sensibly promotes functional fitness.

Aerobic exercising and cardiovascular strength workouts

Aerobic exercising is effective in shifting weight; however, it is more efficient to combine Aerobic exercises with resistance training.

Aerobic exercise alone provides little benefit to the musculoskeletal systems of the body, and the need to continue to maintain muscle mass is vital for physical well-being particularly after 30.

Sarcopenia is a term used for loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength as a result of aging. Depending on our level of inactivity, we will lose between 3% – 5% of muscle mass each decade after 30.

After 75, according to Penney Gilbert’s study; (Assistant Professor at the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, Canada);  “You lose fifteen percent of muscle mass every single year.”

When first published in February 2014, Penney’s study caused significant concern. However, the study did show that up to the age of 75, loss of muscle mass is reversible.

The most effective method to guard against muscle loss is through consistent resistance training.

Our Shape-Up circuit classes are designed to combine the necessary aerobic (cardio) and strength exercises to help you effectively stay active, fit and healthy.

I believed that fashion is one thing, but to feel good in your clothing I think, is a function of lifestyle and exercise.

Live well with fitness!