I believe that traveling is truly one of life’s best experiences,  it expands our minds and opens up new realms of possibility.

It can, however, be tough on our body physically. For example; lugging heavy suitcases, catching unfamiliar transport, extensive periods of walking while sightseeing, etc.

Additional physical activity can not only cause old injuries to flare up; it can make us feel mentally and physically exhausted. Increasing our physical fitness levels before our next big adventure can solve this problem.

It has been very rewarding for Eva and I, over these last few years of our Shape-UP program to hear how our training has helped you get more from your holiday.

The proof has been in the amazing images we have seen from what you have done! Wow!

How to stay fit for traveling.

The trick to getting fit for travel is starting your physical preparation well in advance. The earlier you get started and the more regularly you get moving, the fitter, stronger you will be.

While the Shape-UP program wasn’t designed solely for travelers the key components necessary for the demands of travel are inherent in the program because they are the same components that we need to live an active and adventurous life at home.

Key Fitness components for travel and living life well:

  • Cardio Endurance: Your ability to walk longer, climb stairs and hills, swim, shop and stay out late, would have improved with your endurance training with us. Getting your heart rate up consistently with exercise will help you make the most of your entire time away!
  • Physical Strength: A bag with a bottle of water and a camera are essentials when you’re traveling but they get heavy quickly on a day out exploring. You will be glad for those dumbbells and weights that have built your shoulder, leg, and abdominal muscle strength because you will be able to carry what you need!
  • Immune system: A healthy immune system can’t be built overnight. Regular exercise helps maintain a  good blood flow and circulation. The cells and substances of the immune system can better move through your body to do their job efficiently.
  • Healthy diet: Exercise helps maintain the efficiency of the digestive system, and if your diet includes plenty of veggies, exercise accelerates the healing process by getting the necessary nutrients to your body for repairs and help fight infections!
  • Enough Sleep: The evidence on exercise for better sleep is endless. Research indicates that the optimal number of hours is 8 but can vary for the individual between 6 – 9 hours. Exercise helps build muscle mass and that generates hormones to repair the body. Sleep deprivation weakens the body’s ability to regenerate and makes it more vulnerable to developing an illness.

Don’t let your physical fitness get in the way of you enjoying your travels in Australia or around the world. Get fit, strong and active and enjoy this incredible world around us.
Live well with fitness!