Which comes first: Fitness for motivation or motivation for fitness? I have had a bit of fun with writing this blog post and trying to solve this question!

This week three people have expressed to me that they feel too unfit to join a fitness program. It got me thinking; which came first for those who have joined my exercise program – motivation or fitness?

The chicken or the egg?

Well…as it turns out, it was a chicken or egg type question and it joined a philosophical discussion that has been pondered since the days of Aristotle, but modern scientists have a solution for the chicken/egg question!

On the basis of science; the egg came first.  Somewhere in history, due to some genetic mutation, a creature like chicken was born from an egg, and the chicken’s evolution went from there.

Hmm……..this is a bit too simplistic for me.  The mutation would have been so slight and must have been appealing to a mate otherwise the chicken would not be able to breed.

Given that breeding another chicken also involves a rooster, I am going to argue against science and go for a chicken coming first!

Are there really any “bad” eggs?

Science relies too much on what they can measure when it comes to humans, and I think common sense needs to take precedence.

Twin studies in the UK of 5000 children (2500 twins) showed that while up to 85% of BMI could be traced to heritage, only 2% was able to be associated with a specific “obesity” gene and even then, those results were in doubt.

Understanding the distinction between what you inherit from your parents and your genetic makeup is crucial to being able to take control of your health.

Let me explain; genetics is what roughly gives you ten fingers and is essentially what makes you human. Your heritage is what makes you uniquely individual; think of it like your fingerprints.

Even the fingerprints of identical twins are different, and it’s to do with the skin formation in the womb’s environment which is different for each human.

What has this to do with fitness and eggs? It is simple, many people blame their parents/genetics for the condition of their body, and it just isn’t true.

Mothers give birth to humans who are perfect in every way as humans; therefore no human born is a “bad egg.”

We as humans “chickens” need to use what we have inherited from our parents, to make our body healthy.

Don’t be chicken with your fitness!

All of us have a human body that will benefit from exercise. Typically, what stops us from exercise is our belief system.

Knowing that we can change our body’s health with exercise is empowering, particularly when we see the great transformation stories, aka the before and after selfies on social media.

Everyone who has been able to transform their body successfully long-term, began slowly with exercise, often with just a 15-minute daily walk.

Once the body becomes conditioned with daily exercise then, motivation gives way to active exercising.

No one is born with the motivation (egg) to exercise, we become fit and healthy (chickens) during our life with consistent exercise.

Making the decision to go against the “flock” and changing your routine to include some daily exercise is scary and takes great courage.

However, the benefit of regular exercise is; when everyone around you is running around like a “chicken without a head” for a solution to their health, you can strut your healthy body with your head intact!

Chickens (humans) that join my program have one thing in common, and that is, they understand and accept the responsibility for their body’s health and believe they can control their destiny by living life well with fitness.

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Live well with fitness.


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