Perhaps the most challenging aspect of getting into shape is overcoming “I Can’t.” Rooted in a deep belief system it’s difficult to extract.

Eating well and exercising regularly isn’t impossible it’s just improbable given the systematic way we have learnt to live our life.

When we break down the behavior necessary to live life well with fitness, it comes down to only two points of focus:

  1. Exercise daily
  2. Eating whole foods

It’s simple but not easy…

The Story of “I Can’t”

Wherever we go, we take our mentality with us; our mentality is like a set of instructions to lead us safely through life.

These instructions are not written, they have been formulated through our experiences of life, and essentially they are what we have seen to be true.

Therefore, it will be difficult, if we wish to get fit and healthy, if we are surrounded by friends and family who don’t live with daily exercise and healthy foods.

“I can’t” becomes the default story when we haven’t experienced the change we wish for in our life.

The good news is that by adding “yet” to “I can’t” we can begin to write the health and fitness chapter to our story.

Changing “I Can’t” to “I Can’t Yet” opens the possibility for change as we learn the “how to” becoming fitter and healthier.

Writing health and fitness into our life

The first step towards healthy change is to physically write our new story exactly how we want to live it. By doing this, it gives us a tangible experience of what we want to achieve.

Further, by reading our story daily, our mind will become comfortable with the idea of change and begin to give us permission to experience health and fitness in our life.

Here are 4 steps to help you write your fitness story:

  1. Recognize:  “I can’t” is code for “I won’t” and list those things that hold you back from your fitness and health. Then consciously choose one to work with that brings you closer to your goal for health and fitness. It may be difficult to do but is very valuable in building a new lens on life.
  2. Take responsibility. Playing the role of victim has emotional benefits when we receive pity from our family and friends, but it locks us down into helplessness. Start to list areas where you feel hopeless and get professional help to take back your responsibility.
  3. Validate your feelings: When you feel a certain way about your health and fitness, it is your truth for now. It is so important to be kind to yourself to move forward. When you can forgive yourself, taking positive steps forward becomes less of a burden.
  4. Show gratitude: Rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what happened that has kept you locked into your current story, look at everything you do have, the people you love and the wonderful world around you  – It is waiting for your leadership into fitness and good health.


Remember you are the storyteller

It follows that the “truth” in a story is irrelevant to its impact in creating change, change pivots on the ability to emotionally connect with the storyteller.

It is the reason that the story we tell our self has a powerful impact on our fitness, we narrate those stories, and therefore we must connect with our emotions and our “can do” ability in designing the greatest story ever told …the story of us.

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Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer