Health is wealth here at Square Box Fitness, and our fitness WELLth program takes 9 minutes!

In your fitness journey with us you won’t need to invest hours at a gym, a huge amount of money, or exert enormous willpower and discipline!

Here’s how it works.

We understand that part of the battle of fitness is having the confidence to know what to do and a workout plan that’s ready when you are.

Take your mind back to the last time you did some exercise; perhaps it was a spare of the moment thing and you were motivated by the latest fitness app, a book, a program or an inspirational story –  it doesn’t matter what it was.

It was something that was able to distract you away from your resistance to exercise.

Here’s how to get fit for life.

The first step is to separate your reaction to fitness from your emotional resistance to exercise.

You need to bust up the love/hate relationship with exercise and replace it with an exercise habit that you don’t need to think about.

Like brushing your teeth, or having a shower, or any other personal hygiene ritual that has become part of your life style routine.

Having your fitness WELLth in a routine means, you will be able to enjoy living your life on your terms and YES! It only takes 9 minutes of exercise daily!

You can do this and I am here to help you!

The program works because it is simple and easy to follow. It makes exercising a powerful tool for fitness in a short time.

Each week you get 3 different exercises to do:

  1. One Cardio exercise to get your heart rate up
  2. One Strength exercise to build and tone your body
  3. One Core Stability exercise to improve posture and help prevent injury.

Each exercise is done for one minute, in a mini circuit, that is repeated 3 times.

We also give you a 9-minute timer and videos for each exercise. If you need more help please contact me and I will be delighted to help you!

I know you can do this!

Hundreds of my clients are exercising for 9 minutes daily and they are loving how good it makes them feel and you can feel this way too!

My clients say they now feel energized and confident with exercise, and are delighted to have the control and flexibility over their workouts.

9 minutes to fitness is a strong, effective and efficient system that takes you gently from where you are today to your future self – Fit and full of life!

Imagine what you can do if you were fitter…

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Live well with fitness