I have observed hundreds of people at the various stages of the “I am going to get fit” decision-making process, and the hidden points of “resistance” are almost always the same.

These reasons are difficult to acknowledge, and are buried deep inside, because they are so difficult to overcome.

Taking the time to self-assess and identify the real reasons for not exercising will allow you to take positive steps towards your future health and well being.

From my experience the following 5 hidden reasons for not exercising have been particularly challenging for me and my students.

The good news is, with a little consistent exercising we have managed to defeat them all!

1.    You feel ashamed

You may be worried that you are not fit enough to join a fitness program and you have tried every fitness program, and nothing has worked…

You are worried that you will get “pumped up” to have a go, but won’t stick with it (like many times in the past)… or even concerned that you can’t afford the cost of exercise.

All these “reasons” are actually the mask that shame wears. In the kindest way possible, let me say; don’t let mere embarrassment about your current fitness, your past performance, or your level of self-discipline rob you of life-changing exercise.

Aspiring to have a beach body is one thing; your health is another more important reason to exercise. Kick sand in the face of shame and start exercising a little every day.

Consistency will work – you just have to stop thinking and start, then stick with it – no matter what.

2.    You don’t like exercise

You secretly think, people who love exercise must be  “gym junkies” and feel you are the only person in the world who hates exercise.

You are concerned, if you start a fitness program, you will be too far behind the others and not be able to relate to anyone!

None of that matters. What matters is this: are you currently fit? If the answer is no… I suggest to you; everyone starts somewhere, even the fittest of the fit, were once uncoordinated misfits trying to find their way to better health.

Don’t let your current dislike of exercise and judgement of others, compromise your future health. Give exercise another go, over time, your body will learn to love the feeling of freedom and vitality that comes with regular exercise.

3.    You don’t need another hero

You may say to yourself;  “I do not want or need another fitness trainer telling me to exercise!”

You’ve heard it all before.  You’re a veteran of free trials and fitness assessments. You’ve got tons of reports, assessments, reviews and goal setting schedules.

You know the whole drill… the weight in, SMART goals, meal plans, fitness schedules, personal training, gym memberships and it goes on…

Well, I happen to share your objections to these practices, and I can assure you; Square Box Fitness is different.

With the 9 minutes to fitness program, there is no fitness hero to motivate you, just little old me, and I will teach you to be your own HERO.

I will give you the nuts and bolts of nutrition, straightforward and practical exercises that you can do in 9 minutes. Then, it’s up to you to find a way to exercise every day.

I will support you in any way I can, hold your hand if I must, but I won’t push you, tell you what you should do or hold you accountable – it’s your body, your life, your way.

4.    You don’t have time

You may have problems with the time needed to exercise – you may have a family, a stressful job, run a business, etc.

I understand all of that; but … if regular exercise could really get you into the best health of your life (and you know it will)… wouldn’t all those “reasons” just seem silly? And if you’re not going to exercise now… when are you going to do it?

My final point on the lack of time is offered in a humble spirit of helping you see the “blinding flash of the obvious.”

If you don’t have TIME to set aside for your health and well being… then isn’t it the very evidence of how important it is for you to do whatever it takes to make TIME?

5.    Your significant other may be skeptical

I’ve saved this reason for last because it was my most significant personal challenge. I moved from my career as a Chartered Accountant to become a nutritionist and fitness coach.

My family is still trying to make sense of my decision 9 years later! However, there is no denying my passion for helping people live healthier lives through exercise and proper nutrition.

Perhaps you feel your spouse or significant other will be sceptical of yet another of your excitable attempt at fitness.  The mere idea of having “the conversation” about starting another fitness program gives you that sick, icy-cold feeling in the pit of your stomach.

I have been in that place too…. All I can tell you is the only way out of the cage of someone else’s disbelief and doubt is to press forward and succeed despite their doubts.

When you’re on the other side of this, when you’ve finally proven to them you have what it takes …they will be proud of your perseverance.

Demonstrate your real potential, and let this be the day that changes everything…Click below and find out how 9 minutes of exercise will work for you.


Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer @SquareBoxFitness.com