Common opinions favour a gym workout over homework; however, there is no scientific evidence to support this assertion. In fact, home workouts are incredibly useful in sustaining long term fitness object for people who are time-poor and inexperienced with exercise.

Limitations of Gym Fitness

The gym is fraught with fear for the novice in fitness, gravitating towards the security of machine equipment is not the best strategy. The limitations are:

  • Machine-based workouts may feel like exercise but they are the least active type of exercise and typically to do not translate to a movement that applies to real life.
  • In a commercial gym (especially at peak hours), machine access may be limited and finding a suitable alternative can be time consuming and overwhelming for a beginner.
  • Beginners, may not realise that gym machines are designed to be calibrated to suit body size and type, otherwise, they put the body in risky and unnatural positions.
  • Core movement is stabilised by the machine, creating a false sense of strength for a beginner. 10kg biceps curl on a supported machine is not the same as curling 10kg of bagged garden fertiliser!

Advantage of Home Fitness

The gym suits many people however for some it may feel like a place they “have to” endure to be healthy. If you feel this way, then you may like the  advantages of a professionally designed home fitness program:

  • Learn to use bodyweight to get stronger, more agile, and mobile by doing movements that directly relate to daily living.
  • Become confident using free weights to build strength quickly and effectively.
  • Save time by eliminating travelling to and from the gym.
  • Cost-effective, and you can start with bodyweight exercises.
  • Be in a convenient, comfortable, safe and trusted home environment that encourages self-efficacy.
  • Have an exciting and different workout each week tailored to your personal fitness level and never get bored of exercise!
  • Stay motivated and have fun with your virtual home workout buddies!!

There is something special about exercising at home with Square Box Fitness. In our live and virtual group fitness program, we have developed friendships in fitness. It means, no matter where you are, you can join your friends and get the benefits of your daily exercise. Our program is not just exercising; it is our way to ensure the health of our body, mind and spirit as we enjoy living our life with WELLth.

Join us today at home, and download your beginner 9 minute, Cardio, Core and Strength workout with the link below.

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach