I believe a sense of humor while moving towards fitness is an absolute necessity. Humor is not about making a joke at life’s expense but rather finding perspective on the journey to better health.

Often our greatest lessons come from the most unlikely people….I was teaching my class of children who are above a healthy weight about the health benefits of eating vegetables.

My lesson included a discussion of the human body and its perfection. I explained to my young audience; our body grows perfectly in accordance to how we nourish and care for it.

I instantly connected with a little boy whose family were huge fans of country and western music…and for the next 9 weeks of the Go4Fun program, he would sing me the Mac Davis’ song – It’s Hard To Be Humble when you’re perfect in every way.

You’re Perfect In Every Way

I now love that song, it says so much about the meaning of humility and how we use a cultural perspective against ourselves. Our body is perfect in every way, and I believe it is egotistical to think otherwise.

The science of human movement and nutrition is very complex. However, the foundation is simple; a human body is created to thrive perfectly with whole food nutrition and daily exercise.

Educating people on how to eat wholefood is easy, as it comes with instant pleasure to the sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

Daily exercise is much more challenging to teach, as the rewards are futuristic and seem irrelevant in the present moment. Many people do not understand that it is in exercising; our body maintains the ability to use the senses for leisure and pleasure.

It saddens me that some people don’t start an exercise program because they feel they lack the “perfect” body, and in doing so, deny themselves the ultimate sense of joy that can only come from a body in motion. Remember always; it’s never too late to receive well being from active living.

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  Live well with fitness!  
Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach @SquareBoxFitness.com