Women have struggled for decades for their human right to equality. It is ironic that the 1984 Sex Discrimination Act ended a dystopian Australia for women.

A society mindset change towards equality for women in sport still has a long way to go, but  with your help  – success is inevitable!

Mollie Dive was Australia’s first female cricket captain to win the Ashes from England in 1948-49. Mollie received an OAM for her contribution to both cricket and Hockey and in 1987 North Sydney council named a grandstand in her honour.

Mollie Dive is the female equivalent of Donald Bradman for cricket. Her contribution to female sport in Australia is unparalleled.   Yet her Artarmon Clubhouse is set to be unceremoniously demolished.

If Donald Bradman had bowled for the Artarmon Bowling Club for 20 years would our community be engaging in a 5 year battle to preserve the legacy of the Artarmon Bowling Clubhouse?

If you truly believe that women’s sport should be equally celebrated, then make a submission against the Pavilion that will see more than 75 years of women’s sport history obliterated!

Write and object to the DA for the Artarmon Pavilion! By Tuesday 16 March 2021


Click on the link below and a disclaimer page will come up, tick the read-it box, then “Agree”


If this doesn’t take you to directly to the DA then search for   2021/5   and choose 1A Burra Road ARTARMON NSW 2064

Once you are on the DA 2021/5 page it will give you the details of the DA.

To make a submission click on the link called:  “Contact us about this application.”  This will open the submission page. Complete the necessary details and make your submission.

Alternately: write to The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Willoughby City Council:  email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au

On the subject line write: “Objection to DA 2021/5 for 1A Burra Road ARTARMON NSW 2064” 

Then state your concerns, remembering always, equality is respecting our differences, honoring our past and moving forward with love and friendship.

Thank you for your support in recognizing women in history.   

Written by Anna: @SquareBoxFitness.com