Losing Weight continues to be the number one New Year Resolution made and then quickly broken. The reason is not that; weight loss is too hard, but rather, that weight loss is too easy.

“Hard”  is the story that you tell yourself; the story that weights you down and then ties you to a number on a scale.

“Hard” is the self-deprivation, the binge eating and drinking justifications, and the self-sabotage.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be an exhausting journey on the treadmill of life.  It can be as simple as the side effect of a lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and having a structured 9 minute exercise plan.

However;  if you don’t like exercise, running or going to the gym, it doesn’t make you a bad person.  Instead of beating yourself up; commit today to move with effort consistently for 9 consecutive minutes every day.

While you cannot outrun a bad diet, exercise is the body’s trigger to start using stored energy and crave healthy whole foods.

Exercise can be anything: skipping, marching on the spot, star jumps, squats, maybe burpees? Let’s not get carried away!

Our 9-minute fitness challenge is about setting up a habit by making time for exercise.

The advantage of using our 9 minute program is that the 3 exercises we choose are designed with the whole body in mind and therefore will improve your cardiovascular fitness, core strength, and muscle tone in the shortest time possible.

Get SMART with your Weight Loss Resolution

When your heart’s desire is to make and have your resolution stick, then it requires a “how to plan.”

The first step is to pick just one area in your life that you feel is contributing to your weight gain and then put it through the SMART process as follows:

S – Specific: This means breaking down your goal to include a system for achieving it.  For example including 9 minutes of exercise daily as part of your weight loss resolution.

M – Measurable: This means that the goal can be objectively measured. Like scheduling and recording your exercise daily. We will provide you with a downloadable tracker chart to make this process easy for you.

A – Attainable: This means that the goal is realistic and can be reached. Setting goals that are unrealistic leads to feelings of overwhelm and discourages you from making any changes. 9 minutes of daily exercise is conceptually “do-able” and our 3 easy exercises are definitely do-able.

R – Relevant: This means that there is a real need for your goal. Irrespective of your current weight, implementing a structured 9 minute exercise program will release feel-good hormones that will help you stick with any New Year’s Resolution you have made.

T – Timely. Means you are working towards an end date. Goals that are linked to a time-frame create a practical sense of urgency. Procrastination is the saboteur of many hopes and dreams for starting a weight loss program. How many times have you said: “I’ll exercise tomorrow…..”

Tomorrow never comes…and similarly your weight loss dream can not be achieved…. because tomorrow is sabotaging your today.

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Bear in mind; a New Year’s Resolution without planning is just a wish…


Live well with fitness!