give your body the kiss of life by waking up to exercise

That’s the challenge done! Hooray!

In a research study published in Plos Medicine; Dr Lee, concluded that exercise adds years to your life, extrapolating, he said that for every minute of exercise there can be a 7 minute gain in quality life expectancy!

Morning exercise is 65% more likely to lead to successful fitness out comes.

The Shape-Up Program this year puts together the best and latest research on fitness success and motivation into an efficient 30 minute program.

Eva and I are thrilled to be starting this new program next week!

We are moving into exciting times, more and more people over the age of 35 are rediscovering their physical wellbeing.

No longer are we willing to accept “I am too old” to care, to live, to exercise.

The new Shape-UP format is; challenging, exciting and will definitely get the life changing results you are looking for!

Bring a friend and together you will share an experience like no other – the freedom from the “have to exercise”

Come and feel the difference exercise can make and welcome the exhilaration of a life full of energy and vitality – it is your time to Shape-UP!!


Contact us to join our Shape-UP program: 
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Live well, eat well!