Watching children move freely and efficiently, we can believe the myth of perfection in childhood biomechanics. An example is “kids squat with perfect form….”

Babies are born soft and squishy with about 100 more bones than adults; through the process of ossification (bone-building) the human bone structure is complete at around 25 years old.

When a toddler drops effortlessly into a bottom to grass squat position, it’s because they are lower to the ground and have a proportionally giant head to counter balance their body weight. Their squishy underdeveloped body and mind is designed to fearlessness move in new (perhaps dangerous) ways in a quest for information about their environment.

Adult’s on the other hand, have learned safer movement patterns to use the power and strength of their mature adult body.

To an adult, the quality of movement matters, as the joints become the sole sites of modulation. The adult advantage is the ability to develop body skill and strength through exercise.

In older adults, the body’s aches and pains in the joints can be viewed as guides for improving performance, and not as a sign of the body’s failure. The body as a teacher says: Do not exercise through pain, BUT do exercise within the pain free range.

Therefore through our life’s journey in WELLth, one thing we must take from our childhood is our ability to move with a sense of play. Engaging in daily exercise gives us the freedom to enjoy living our life with good health. 

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Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach