In the wild, the Cheetah is an example of evolutionary magnificence. Small head, slender body and highly developed respiratory system; it is the fastest land animal in the world – nature’s speed machine.

A cheetah on the hunt is something to behold; focused, tense and exploding with great speed.

The cheetah relies solely on the element of surprise to catch its prey and more often than not, the prey escapes death if it can spot the cheetah.


Sedentary living is the “cheater” of life

Human survival depends on using our superior intellect to spot the “cheater” of life, that is, sedentary living.

We must, therefore, engage our whole body and mind to live actively and with purpose every day.

Having a purpose or reason for exercise ensures success in fitness. Making excuses for exercise gives way to defeat, as life is about excelling under tension, and that requires a physically fit body.

Fitness happens over time with daily exercising and patience. I leave you this week with a thought on the importance of purpose.

In the chase between cheetah and deer…Many times the deer wins… because a cheetah runs for food and a deer for life.  Remember… Purpose is more important than need.


Live well and eat well

Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer