There will be many circumstances in our life where we have very little control, for example; the cold weather, morning traffic, internet downtime, the occasional cold or flu. It is therefore important to realise that what we can control deserves our attention.

Aretha Franklin’s, RESPECT was an iconic song made famous for recognising women’s contribution to the home and to society. While I love this song, I feel it does an injustice to men and women.

It is my personal belief that before we ask for respect, we must first be willing to give it to our selves. For example, it takes a courageous person to say I RESPECT my body enough to prioritise my exercise on a cold winter’s morning.

Too Busy To Workout

It is a crazy idea that so many people are too busy to exercise when the scientific evidence is showing incredible health benefits of even a short high-intensity low impact workout, like our 9-minute WELLth Program.

The human body is designed to move and too often it is viewed as one part of a weight loss equation. It is not the case; in fact, exercise is an integral part of being healthy, because it decreases our risk of a range of physical and mental issues.

If you don’t believe me, ask someone who regularly exercises and they will report the after workout feel good more than compensates for the inconvenience of a cold morning start.

When we exercise feel good chemicals are released (endorphins), they reduce feelings of pain, and increase our sense of well-being. Indeed, Mother Nature’s amazing designed of the human body, rewards those who exercise regularly, so it pays to try it.

Why I Exercise

My reasons for exercise are to maintain and gain physical strength, for me, it’s a thrill to be able to lift heavier weights (safely), and achieve harder exercises with decreasing effort.

Each week my Square Box team do the same, it feels amazing to share our wins, nurse our sore muscles and go forward defying our age together!

If you would like to trial our WELLth online 9 minute program and to be part of our living well with fitness community, you will find the link below.  


Live well with fitness!


Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Therapist