It is a beautiful autumn morning here in Sydney.

Saturday mornings are for me “chore day” (housework, cleaning, washing, meal prep).

I love the freedom of Saturdays more than Sunday because I know I have another day to enjoy my break from work. But I still don’t like “chore day!” It’s boring and unpleasant and there always seems to be more chores than I care to do!

Nevertheless, through my whinging and whining I love the feeling when I’m DONE!

It’s the same with exercise, particularly now we are home bound. While exercise should not be a chore, for me exercise is boring and unpleasant – like my chores!

However, when I’m finished, exercise brings me an infinite sense of satisfaction and happiness knowing I have done something that will keep me healthy during this time at home.


….it makes no sense to slump into a coma of inactivity…

….we will be “released”

….and today we get to decide how to emerge

….will it be as a butterfly ready to soar or a slug…

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Live well with WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach