This blog post is for those online who are looking to make a life-changing decision to get fitter and healthier NOW and FOREVER.

Is It Possible To Get Fit Fast?

The answer is YES! When you stop thinking in terms of “I am going on a diet” or “how fast I can get there.”

Oh, dear….I hear you groaning…..I get, that you get…it’s all about long-term health…

I also know you need help right now to get started … you need to know the exact next steps…and this is what I can help you with.  Let’s get started!

Step 1: Start NOW! Not Tomorrow Or Monday – NOW!

I am going to assume that you already know you should have been working on your fitness since January’s New Year’s resolution, and you are now ready NOT to let it sabotage your fitness for the rest of the year!

We can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, we can only move forward. You can START right now, drop what you’re doing, put on a 9-minute timer and start marching on the spot for 9 minutes. It’s that easy!

When you’re done send me an email  and let me know why you are ready for Step 2 and be prepared to exercise with the online 9 minutes to fitness program.

There are 4 steps to implementing a once and for all, healthy lifestyle; it starts with daily exercise. Just 9 minutes daily is enough for you to begin to see your body and mind change towards better health.

The next 3 steps involve your nutrition, and initially, it will be a battle of wills to implement, but it’s possible, and it will be permanent.

You may not be ready for Step 2, and that’s OK. But if you think you might be, then read further.

Accept That Your Likes MUST Change

What holds you back from your ultimate fitness and well-being is your “likes.”  Ask yourself; why is it so important that you MUST eat and do what you like?

Has eating and drinking what you like, and no exercise brought you health and well-being? If not, then why not change?

Physically, you are just as able to eat strawberries rather than chocolate, fresh salad rather than French fries, iced tea rather than ice-cream.

Your mindset can not teleport food into your mouth  – you are physically doing that with your body and that’s why exercise MUST come first – even if it’s just 9 minutes!

If you can recognize, even for a moment,  that you have the physical power to decide what goes into your mouth, then you have the power for real change, and you will be ready for Step 2.

There is one more thing for you to consider before you make a commitment to exercise daily for 9 minutes.

You Will Need To Make Some Short-Term “Sacrifices”

Just like an elite athlete who needs to stay on top of their game through hours of boring disciplined practice, you will need to say; NO, to pretty much everything you like (initially).

It’s here that it can fall apart for you….if you have been sold the idea that implementing a healthy lifestyle is easy, I am so sorry to tell you – it’s not the truth.

I have never read or known of a transformation story that was easy and without sweat and tears – not one! Yours won’t be different, I am so sorry to have to give you this message, but I am here to help you through it.

Please understand, you will need to sacrifice a lot of the things that currently bring you happiness and joy, they could be; alcohol, sugar, processed foods, binge TV, Netflix, social media, gaming, late nights etc.

The struggle will become very real when you’re the only healthy one in your group of friends or family. You will need to resist a lot of peer pressure to stay on track – it will take unyielding courage.

If you really want to get into shape quickly, you then have to be okay with saying no and disappointing people who were counting on you to be unhealthy with them.

It gets worse, after a few weeks; your own body will work against you and make you so miserable that you can’t wait to “go back to normal.”

… know what happens next… your body rebounds with a vengeance, swiftly putting on weight quicker than ever before – just in case you dare to try getting fit and healthy again!

Will you be happy with that?  Or will you resist, fight and prove yourself wrong – your change is possible –  you have the power of choice!

It Is Not Doom And Gloom

I am not trying to put you off starting your journey to fitness; I am trying to help you establish a healthy lifestyle that WILL become easy and without effort.

Your journey to fitness and well-being is never-ending, and I need you to be aware that your body will resist the necessary change, it’s naturally programmed to put on weight.

You are not weird or have some genetic fault. In fact, you are highly evolved and your body is preparing for a catastrophe – the end of your unhealthy and sedentary life to live happily in a modern world of abundance!

Are you ready? Will you drag yourself through Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4 – kicking and screaming if you have to? Will you exercise for 9 minutes daily?

I don’t want to give you false hope that will sink you further into the quicksand of fitness impossibility.

Online fitness is brutally hard  – coming to class with others to motivate you is so much easier, but it’s not impossible to do it on your own with my help  – we will find a way to get through this – TOGETHER!

Once you have mastered common sense exercise and wholesome nutrition, you won’t have to ever “try” again to get fit and healthy.

Isn’t that what you want? Never-ever “HAVE-TO-TRY”  and start another frigging diet and exercise program!  Aren’t you exhausted with trying everything?

Are you ready for something simple and natural? Daily 9 minutes of exercise and whole food nutrition…If your answer is YES, then you are ready for Step 2.

Send me an email:  and let me know why you are ready, and list your roadblocks and how you intend to move them out of your way.

Hint: Roadblocks are your excuses, they could be big or small. Acknowledge that you can move a mountain; one stone at a time (faster with help), and you will get into the best shape of your life!  Let me help YOU!

Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer