Winter training is the fastest way to condition your body for optimal year round health. Many studies focus on peak performance training in cold weather, to take advantage of the body’s need to keep warm.

An interesting study by NASA on “Acclimatization to Cold in Humans” discussed the onset of shivering among different human races as a function of acclimatization and a means of survival.

Should you exercise in winter?

In winter, we as humans need to either move for heat or add insulation (fat) to our body to survive the cold.

Our body lacks the ability to hibernate and shivering is a reflex action of muscle movement in an attempt to raise core temperature.

The NASA study also discussed the human importance of creating a microenvironment for warmth in winter; that is rugging up!

While adding fat to our body helps keep the cold at bay, it is more beneficial for overall health to exercise in winter.

Cold weather thickens the blood and puts extra strain on the heart to pump.  Exercise helps condition the heart for the additional effort in winter.

Exercise also increases oxygenated blood pumped to the brain and organs, building a stronger immune system and with it a sense of well-being.

Winter exercising is a bonus!

Here are a few advantages to brave the cold in winter.

  • Small efforts have a significant return in maintaining a healthy weight. Calorie (energy) usage is higher in winter.
  • Feel happier and more energized. Beat the winter blues.
  • Improves the immune system to fight colds and flues.
  • Class sizes are smaller and less overwhelming  – particularly if you have been away from exercise or starting new.

In winter our workout design is focused on natural movements that warm the body and soul.

If you are ready to warm up this winter with  fitness then perhaps our 9 minutes to fitness program is the answer for you. Click below for more information and to download your Free 9 minute workout.


Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer