Failure isn’t a good feeling, and so I do my best to limit the experience and put in place processes that either avoid it happening again or limit its impact.

I have a 4 step process to problem-solving failures, and they are:

  1. Define the failure and limit the emotional response (hard at first)
  2. I don’t assume that it will be better next time. I’ve learned that “hope” isn’t going to fix it. Only I can do that, and it means understanding what went wrong and adjust.
  3. Break down exactly what went wrong. The process of searching for ‘why’ is complicated, especially when my emotions are involved.
  4. I take responsibility for my failures, and for me, this is where magic happens.


Taking responsibility for failing to wake up for exercise

We as humans do have the ability to self-wake when our body is ready. Some people are wired as a night owl and mornings are never going to be a good time for exercise.

I believe I am a night owl; my preferred state is working deep into the night, and my lifestyle allows me to sleep during the day. However, my choice has been to become a morning person during my teaching term.

I speak from experience; it is easy to blame a failed situation on someone else or something else.The problem here is choosing to live with excuses in a victim’s mode making it very hard to ever learn from failures.

Will Smith said:

  • “Your heart, your life, your happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.”

When you take responsibility for a failed situation, regardless of the reason, you gain the power over your life and the ability to move forward to success.

It is a difficult process, but I promise, it becomes easier with practice, and eventually, failure becomes a teacher in personal growth and moves you towards living your life well with fitness.

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Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer