Love love love…is what our term 4 fitness is all about! Over years of teaching exercise, nutrition and well-being, I have noticed that people who live with fitness are happier, healthier, interesting and fun!

Life becomes an adventure of endless possibility when you have your health.

It is perplexing to me why so many choose not to exercise, when exercise has shown to alleviate pain from so many debilitating chronic illnesses. I wish there were something that I could say or do to show people how good fitness feels.

Unfortunately, fitness is camera shy, and very few people can take a genuine photo of what it feels like to be fit and healthy, both body and mind.

I think it’s because fitness is a feeling that moves the body with rhythmic vitality throughout life. A movement, and not a snap shot, of heartfelt gratitude for the body’s well-being.


Group fitness from the 70’s

Group fitness has come a long way from the 70’s and yet gone full circle.  Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper (1968) introduced the concept of aerobic exercise and advocating disease prevention rather than disease treatment. He wrote:

  •  “It is easier to maintain good health through proper exercise, diet and emotional balance than it is to regain it once it is lost,”

After that, leg warmers, a boom box charged and ready to go, a cassette tape with latest and greatest songs were all that was needed for an instructor to head out the door and teach a fitness class.

Strength training was almost exclusively male, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the body builder’s idol.

Fast forward almost 50 years and we at Square Box Fitness have taken Dr. Cooper’s original health concept, combined it with vibrant modern and retro music, included bodybuilding techniques, to give you a program based on the latest research in physical fitness.

Our Shape-UP program this term is much more than exercise, Eva and I have built the program from our heart, for your heart’s health, we are sooo excited to be exercising again with you this  week!  Let’s Get Moving!

If you are ready to start moving and grooving then perhaps our 9 minutes to fitness program is the answer for you. Click below for more information and to download your Free 9 minute workout.


Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer