I was born at 12.35 am wide-eyed and ready for action (according to my mother). Over 50 years later not much has changed, and I am still at my most creative and productive after midnight.

Despite what you may think, being a night owl is debilitating and not normal.  Statistically, there are very few true night owls, and you won’t find them watching TV,  NetFlix, or scrolling social media.

A person’s chronotype (body clock disposition influencing sleep and activity in a 24-hour period) is set before birth, and for most people, it changes through the stages of life, environment, and social necessity.

According to Dr. Richard Coleman, a chronobiologist, whose research has centered on night shift workers and productivity says;  80% of the population is between a night owl and early bird.

Therefore, for a real night owl, the chances of becoming an early bird are slim. However, they can structure their life to take advantage of their nocturnal strength and be successful in a world geared for 90% of the population who are productive during the day.

If you have diagnosed your chronotype as a night owl,  then I challenge you to ask this question – What are you accomplishing by staying up all night and then sleeping in?

5 steps to becoming an early bird for exercise

While there is no best time for exercise, those who exercise in the morning are more likely to prioritize their health and well being above the busy day ahead.

Here are the steps I take to transform myself into an early bird during my teaching term:

  1. Prepare for the next day the night before, by organizing my clothes, bags and writing the following day’s checklist.
  2. Set two alarm clocks, 5 minutes apart, one in the next room that will wake the neighborhood if it goes off!
  3. Drink a glass of warm water to rehydrate from sleeping and kick start my body’s metabolism.
  4. Head for the kettle for coffee and breakfast.
  5. Get dressed and out the door. No thinking!

My early bird system has taken some time to establish, and for me, it wasn’t easy, but maybe for you, it will be!

If you decide to have a go, I think it’s worth remembering that if at first, you don’t succeed, then you are perfectly normal!

Stick with it, even if (when) you steer off track. Making a morning person exercise transformation is just about finding your way to live well with fitness.

Rest assured, that once a morning exercise system is in place, you will never go back to feeling stressed, tired and out of control with your health and fitness.

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Live well with fitness!

Written by Anna: Fitness and Nutrition Personal Trainer @SquareBoxFitness.com