Welcome to our Week 1 Challenge!

This is it! The time has come to put into practice our life changing fitness resolution in 2017.

Getting our fitness back is achievable this year because the structure has been put in place to get us, fitter.

All of you have now received your personalised challenge. I tried to give you tips on how to bring it together and some practical advice on how to measure your success during the challenge.

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be exercising 5 days per week, for 9 minutes each day, with 3 exercises of one minute each in a circuit that is repeated 3 times.

9 minutes per day doesn’t sound like a lot of exercise, and it’s not, but it will be enough to get us started in fitness and set a routine that will improve on our current fitness level.

Why is it difficult to find the time for exercise?

The benefits of exercise are for most people too far removed from the reward to drive behaviour.

When we eat chocolate, for example, we are instantly rewarded with a pleasurable taste, the same cannot be said about an exhausting workout.

We may feel great after our workout, but for most people, it takes enormous willpower to initiate exercising consistently.

Get real and understand what is holding you back

It is tough to be brutally honest with our self and to dig deep for the true cause of what is holding us back from fitness. It involves taking ownership and personal responsibility for where our fitness is today.

Realising that no one can eat, exercise or live for us is confronting,  empowering and liberating, it means that we realise that we have the ability within us to improve our current fitness.

Armed with this power, we must put in place a strategy to short circuit the myriad reasons that have kept us wanting our fitness without achieving it.

Schedule a non-negotiable 9-minute workout appointment daily.


Success in improving fitness levels will depend on whether we are prepared to schedule our 9-minute workouts daily and follow it through with an actual workout!

Be careful, from experience, I know that appointments with our self are easy to make and easier the break!

Therefore the best strategy is to take a few minutes and list on paper all the reasons that will keep you from your workout appointment.

I like to think of my workouts as a road trip to a holiday destination. I will not get there if I am not prepared to remove the debris or other obstacles that may prevent travel on that road.

Developing an action plan by writing all the reason that may become a problem on your journey to fitness will enable you to recognise the reasons as road blocks and not dead ends.

Be strong with yourself and once you have scheduled your appointment, do not let yourself down by not keeping it, you deserve the chance for fitness this time!

These are some of my past road blocks and how I overcame them.

Feeling self-conscience about exercising for the first time – I got up early before anyone was awake and did my work out – I have even gone back to bed afterward!

Having young kids home – I have included them in my workout, they dance while I exercise. They were too young to make me feel uncomfortable.

Having a late night and feeling too tired to exercise – I had a strong coffee and did my workout and had an early night.  It felt a bit like getting over jet lag.


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Live well with fitness!


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