True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake; it is making a choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.  Brianna Wiest

This week I was explaining to a dear and stressed out friend the importance of self-care.

I recommended daily exercise rather than retreating to a health resort for relief of internal pressure caused by being overworked and stressed.

I am not sure if she appreciated my advice, and I sincerely hope no offense was taken because it was said with good intention.

Self-care is not a luxury

We are living in a world that packages and sells peace of mind, happiness and self-care as an indulgent and luxurious commodity to…
…get away from the stress, the ever-increasing do-list, and domestic, business and spiritual pressure…

When self-care is founded in whimsical escapes, the benefits dissolve in seconds of returning to normal life (and an email inbox on the verge of eruption!)

“Retreating” from exercise is self-sabotage

If we build a life on avoiding daily exercise and reward ourselves with designer self-care packages, we inadvertently choose “things” over our human health.

Our body needs to move daily; exercise is the means by which our body’s musculoskeletal system retains its functionality in our gentrified urban society.

Failing to see daily exercise as necessary and integral to well-being is intentionally preventing the body’s ability to heal from the stresses of living a modern life.

Exercise is finding peace in busyness

Spiritual leaders, irrespective of their belief systems, invite peace into the lives of their followers.

They teach that peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather the presence of harmony, unity, and wholeness.

Finding peace means learning to become one piece of the world around you, and one piece of the people who surround you.

Your body, is a piece of your life that needs the care that exercise affords.

Peace is therefore the amalgamation of the many pieces that make the picture of you.

Cultivating whole-self care includes a desire to feel better, a conscious intention to make changes, and effective actions towards exercising daily.


If your whole-self care is a puzzle, then perhaps exercise is your missing peace? 


Live well with fitness




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