If you’re genuinely looking to make health and fitness part of your life, then a look at your belief system is essential.

If you believe you can’t exercise in the morning, then your attempt at getting fitter has a greater chance of failure according to scientific research. 

Using common sense; getting up and exercising first thing in the morning means an “urgent” daily crisis can not derail the workout that has already been done.

While there is no best time for exercise, there is no better way to start your day than knowing you have done something amazing for your health and fitness. 

I have for years, vigorously defended my right to my mornings without exercise…sadly… every fitness strategy I attempted failed because I didn’t have a smidgen of motivation for exercise at any time! 

Being a creative person, I came up with more excuses than stars in the sky. I will shamefully admit, each excuse gave me tremendous joy for being “let off the hook.”

The feel-good of escaping exercise lasted only a few hours, then guilt kicked in with makeup plans for tomorrow’s workout…a workout that never happened…sounds familiar? 


Here’s how (against my will) I trained myself for morning exercise and you can too!


  1. Prepare for your workout the night before by having the workout printed and ready to go!
  2. Set two alarm clocks 5 minutes apart, one in the next room that will wake the neighborhood if it goes off!
  3. Drink a glass of warm water to re-hydrate from sleep and to kick-start your body’s metabolism.
  4. Then, at your scheduled time – START your workout! NO thinking, excuses or judgment – just do the exercises – Its only a  9 minute workout!

Whatever your resolution is this year, start with creating space in your morning for exercise; research has shown that you will have a 65% better chance of sticking to an exercise program in the morning than any other time of the day. 

My biggest fitness challenge, has been to establish a morning exercise routine. Success for me was a matter of getting up one hour earlier and going to bed 30 minutes earlier – not easy! 

What has been your major challenge in  making daily exercise a habit? Have you had success? Or perhaps you are still making progress?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Or you can send me an email any time! Anna@SquareBoxFitness.com


Live well with fitness!


Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Therapist @SquareBoxFitness.com