What an accomplishment this term has been! We have exercised through the hottest Sydney summer on record and autumn has been wet, wet, and wet!

We have had every reason to “through in the towel, ” and yet we have stuck it through, and the dead lift results this week have been outstanding.

Many of you have achieved personal best and others for the first time were ready to lift the bar – what a terrific accomplishment!

Those of you who are not yet at lifting the bar, please do not feel pressured, being ready to lift safely is very personal, and it must happen when the mind, body, and soul are aligned.

Rushing to lift weight is not worth the potential for injury, and we have the ability to substitute many different exercises that will help you become stronger in a way that is right for you.

The program is not about dead lifting; it is about becoming stronger than we were yesterday. Here in the Shape-UP program we do not compete with others, only with ourselves.

I believe this term we have become an inspirational group of people who have exercised with integrity, intelligence, and maturity. We have celebrated our colleague’s wins and have taken pride in our personal achievements.

Well Done!

The following is a quick 5 question survey referencing our in class and online Shape-UP program.  Your feedback via the survey would be sincerely appreciated. It will help Eva and I better design our term course to meet your needs.

This survey will be particularly relevant to those of you who cannot get to class and would like to participate in a comprehensive online exercise program.

Please click here for our 2017 Shape-UP program survey


Our journey of personal fitness is one we take alone, but it does not have to be a lonely journey. We are here as a community to share our experiences and live well with fitness.

Thank you for a great term of exercising. Eva and I will look forward to working out with you in Term 2 beginning; on 26 April 2017. Please click Classes to see the time table.

I leave you this term with an Irish Proverb;


“When I count my blessings, I count you twice.”


Live well with fitness