All responsible health and medical professionals recommend a diet of wholefoods rich in natural fruit and vegetables for the prevention of many health conditions.

Using wholefoods for healing and health is not a new concept, it dates back to Hippocrates of Kos (460 BC) who is often called the father of modern medicine.

Once the essential nourishment and hygiene factors were addressed, Hippocrates relied on the healing power of nature.  Notwithstanding the extraordinary advances in modern medicine, this doctrine still holds true today.

The fundament principal of the Hippocratic Oath attributed to Hippocrates, states “prevention is better than cure.”

Many of us wouldn’t consider seeing a medical practitioner unless we are seriously ill, however, a general health check annually, has proven to save lives and I recommend it strongly.

It is good news that the onset of many chronic conditions can be prevented with a healthy diet of wholefoods; take for example the humble lentil.

Hippocrates recommended lentils for people suffering from liver malfunctions and diseases. Modern medicine supports his hypothesis.

Lentils are a source of vitamin B11, which helps the liver to reduce excess fat and also get rid of toxins.

Lentils, known as the “poor man’s meat” are an inexpensive alternative to meat, high in protein and loaded with minerals!

One hundred grams of lentils has as much protein as 134 grams of beef. Of the dried vegetables, the lentil is second only to the soybean in protein content.

Unlike other fruits and vegetables, which can leach nutrients when cooked, the body can absorb minerals such calcium, iron, and zinc from lentils more easily after the lentils are cooked.

In addition to their physical health benefits, the non-heme source of iron promotes healthy complexion, hair and increases energy and vitality.

In a world suffering many health conditions, liver disease is on the increase particularly in first world countries and sadly in children.

The consumption of excess alcohol attributes to liver disease and is a problem in our country, however, the excess consumption of sugar is proving to be just as deadly on our liver, and that of our children.

Perhaps it is time to take Hippocrates ancient prescription and incorporate a health dose of lentils in our diet.

Live well and eat well!
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