Asking for help is something that everyone wrestles with from time to time, particularly when it comes to health and fitness.

One way to overcome resistance in asking for help is to understand two underlying fears that drive reluctance. One is the fear of rejection and the other is fear of appearing incompetent.

Fear of Rejection

Everyone is busy. It’s natural to feel asking for help in fitness and nutrition will be an inconvenient request that will be met with a painful rejection.

Wayne Baker author of “All You Have To Do Is Ask” writes about how people often underestimate others’ willingness to help. He also says we shouldn’t be discouraged if we are turned down on our first request.

A global Gallop survey showed that 73% of people are willing to help others, and some help is given in 90% of requests.

Health and fitness help can seem a huge ask, but broken down into specific requests will make asking for help less daunting.

Fear of Appearing Incompetent

A common belief is that most people can get their health and fitness “act” together, without asking for help.  This mindset is particularly true for women. Asking for help can feel like admitting to lack of discipline or a personal failure.

Deciding to “go-it-alone” is a way of retaining the illusion of competence, but rarely does it translate to an easy and sustainable solution for long term wellbeing.

The good news is; asking for help can actually increase levels of competence and confidence with personal health and fitness.

According to research by a Harvard-Wharton team; asking for help is a trait of successful people because, “they know what they don’t know”  and can move towards getting the right support.

Learning to ask for help for what seems to be in the proverbial “too hard basket” will elevate self-confidence in all aspects of daily life.

Are you ready to get fit and feel confident?  Join our community in WELLth and enjoy the freedom of asking for help. 

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach