Surrounding yourself with people who will enthusiastically support and join you in exercise, will generate energy for fitness with exhilaration!

Here are 3 powerful reasons to have friends in fitness:

  • Motivation: The “fun factor” …..let’s face it, getting up early for exercise is not fun…Having friends to share it with makes it fun. Whether you’re a morning person or not…no one can be a sour lemon in the morning with their friends!
  • Accountability: The most powerful way to stay on track with your goals is to tell your friends to remind you. Ahh!…No saboteurs allowed! Friends help you to make better choices and will get you back on track when you have a setback.  You will also get to celebrate everyone’s success knowing you played a large part.
  • Support: When you have good friends with you, the journey to well-being is easier and even enjoyable…Imagine years from now, after creating this fitness group, you are still going strong. 

With friends you will look back and realize that not only did you do something that has dramatically improved your life; you will have created the same for your friends.  You probably won’t remember a specific workout or exercise, but you will remember the good times you had and the sense of accomplishment you felt every time you finished a workout.

Start exercising with your friend today with access to your 9-minute workout link below.

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach