We all have our REASONS to get fit and FEEL better, but it is what we do repeatedly that ultimately jet sets our health.

It’s not an accident that dirt roads end up an entrenched path. Likewise; life’s groove is forged by repetition and we rarely question our well worn way, until it is no longer passable.

Safety In Habits

Habits are habits because they make travel into our unknown future FEEL easier and safe. It is beyond REASON to choose a sedentary life that diminishes the body’s health, other than to pacify anxiety for future self in the present.

The REASON it is so hard to stay committed to a fitness goal is because FEELINGS are in control of thoughts. Therefore when FEELINGS change around a set goal it is REASONABLLY abandoned out of habit.

Take for example the many excuses for abandoning daily exercise, particularly, “I don’t FEEL like exercise today.”  This FEEL good excuse reinforced by repetition is the REASON that has us stuck in a rut of unhealthy habits.

Commitment  To Daily Exercise

It has been a week since we started our commitment to 9 minutes of daily exercise in order to get fit in 2021.

Today, I want you to look back at the REASON you began this challenge. Notice all the things that you want for your health and fitness.  Notice whether your FEELINGS in the present changed your resolve to get fit.  Was your commitment to 9 Minutes of daily exercise abandoned during the week?

It is incredibly difficult to lever out of a long-term unhealthy rut, but it is possible with 9 minutes of daily exercise. It’s not a lot of exercise, but enough to break the patterns of habit and allow REASON to regain control of FEELINGS.

The Habit Change Process

A significant challenge in improving quality of life is learning how to walk away from habits that no longer serve our future health. With it comes the powerful ability to rewire instincts and impulses, to help see a new way in fitness –but not just see it – fully embrace it with resulting WELLth.

WELLth starts with committing to daily exercise and moving past what holds you stuck in your habit changing process.

Are you DONE and ready to FEEL better? Commit to 9 minutes daily exercise.


Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach @SquareBoxFitness.com