All-day sitting has become our normal with our increasing use of technology.  Unfortunately, we don’t notice our body as it slowly de-conditions.  It means, when we get back to an active lifestyle and exercise, we also increase the risk of injury.

The “beware of the chair” campaign started in the UK. Physiotherapists warned people of the dangers of prolonged sitting to their posture.  That is potential injury to the neck, back and spine, as a result of prolonged sitting.

An analysis of 13 studies for prolonged sitting by Dr Edward R. Laskowski reveals further astonishing consequences of prolonged sitting:

  • Increased risk of obesity, metabolic syndromes such as type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and some cancers such as breast cancer
  • Slows metabolism of fat from the bloodstream and decreases the effectiveness of insulin
  • Increases feelings of loneliness or depression, resulting from the limited emotional and social connection

The study also found prolonged sitting time was responsible for 6.9% of deaths, regardless of age, gender, weight, health or physical activity levels!

That’s right; the detrimental consequences of prolonged sitting aren’t mitigated by the few hours during the week spent exercising.

Exercise is essential in maintaining the body’s functioning; however, much like smoking, prolonged sitting is a health hazard even if you are, for example, a devoted jogger!

What can be done!

Here are some ideas to help you stand more, increase your energy, burn more calories, tone your muscles, improve posture and increase blood flow!

  • Stand up while you are on the phone
  • Stretch and walk every half hour
  • Never eat at your desk
  • Walk after lunch
  • Stand up or do exercises while watching TV
  • Consider a standing workstation
  • Refill your water glass every hour

When sitting at your desk, here is the general chiropractic advice. However, consult your health care professional for advice specifically suitable for you.


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Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach