In Sydney, we are facing 2 weeks of homestay; what will come next is unknown. However, it is not a worry for the Square Box Team because we can get an effective exercise program at home!

Eva and I finished our Term 3 program yesterday, focusing on simple exercises with a unique twist. I’m sure you will find the program entertaining! We will be using bands, dumbbells and bodyweight to encourage your body to work with you in fitness over winter, and look forward to spring!

I think the biggest “take-home” lesson this term has been to know that when we invest time in exercise, the effort pays off in improving fitness.

We agree, looking for a quick fix to avoid daily exercise is an attractive idea. We have all experienced “shiny new object syndrome.” We have in the past PROMISED sincerely to stick to our new exercise habit and then became distracted or frustrated by our lack of progress in a few weeks.

In term 3, let’s take a different approach; let go of the attachment to the outcome for exercise. Accept daily exercise as the best way to maintain the body’s health and fitness for the long term.

10 weeks have gone by for all of us – with or without exercise.  I can’t remember exactly how I spent my busy days over the last weeks, but  I know for sure, at least I exercised for 9 minutes daily, some days a lot more but never less.

Enjoy your 2-week break from the WELLth program –  we begin again on 12 July 2021 on ZOOM and 13 July 2021 at Epping, subject to Covid safety restrictions. 

In the meantime get access to your beginner 9 minute program today and start exercise at home!

Live well with Health and WELLth!  

Written by Anna: Nutritionist and Exercise Coach